• We don't see your data.
  • We don't store your data.
  • We don't share or sell your data.
  • We're just not interested in your data.
  • And of course:
  • We can't see anything that you write.

It's not who we are. We're not marketeers or advertisers. We're just independent filmmakers and screenwriters who needed a great tool for collaborating on scripts in Google Drive, the same way we use Google DocsTM for our storylines, outlines, bio's and ideas.

So we made one.


Absolutely no personally-identifying information is ever sent by your browser to our server, unless you choose to add your email address when sending us feedback. And if you ever do that, we'll never pass your email to anyone else, for any reason, and then we delete it when any correspondence is over.

See that little padlock up at the left of the address bar? That means the site uses SSL/TLS. In other words it's encrypted. All your writing and collaboration is only between you and your Google DriveTM, and that's completely protected by SSL too.


Instead of making you log-in again, and storing everything on yet another remote server, your options are stored by your browser on your machine, and if you're logged in to Google, it's backed up to your Google Drive so it comes with you when you change machines.

Incidentally, that's why YouMeScript needs local storage enabled in your browser: the alternative is for us to look after your data for you...

...and we really, really, don't want it! Once you're in the business of storing email addresses, passwords, and personal information, you take on a bunch of complicated legal responsibilities, and you become a target for hackers too.

So having the world's best privacy policy isn't just for you, it makes our lives a whole lot simpler and better as well, and lets us get on with writing software (...and screenplays!).